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Global Immigration Support  A comprehensive and cost-conscious programme of support for corporate clients and their assignees. We ensure total compliance with global laws and are dedicated to offering excellent up to the minute advice and assistance with all manner of global immigration matters. 

Business Case 

We understand the corporate relocation is stressful, which is why our immigration team work differently. 
We consult with you to identify the appropriate immigration solutions to manage the global movement of personnel, and are pleased to offer support in over 120 countries worldwide. Following a review of the individual circumstances, we map the immigration journey for each employee and employer. Transparent case specific guidance is provided, including clear advice, documentary requirements, total costs and timelines for the immigration process ensuring all parties are kept fully informed at all stages. 

What it is 

We offer an introductory call with the assignee and/or HR contact, to determine proposed activities and the nature of the assignment. Once the correct immigration category has been identified by our experts, we work with the host country HR and the assignee to collate all necessary data and paperwork. We offer a single point of contact, providing customised and comprehensive support to you. 

Scope of Services 

Employment and business visit visas 
Family immigration 
EEA applications 
Passport applications 
Sponsor licence support 

What our clients say 

Assessment of the viability of each case 
Ad-hoc technical support with unlimited access to immigration expert 
Completion of all application forms, reducing the burden on employees 
Full support provided to accompanying family members 
Co-ordination of translations, legalisations and apostille of documents 
Provision of priority services to expedite applications 
Accompanied visits to local visa centres 
Employer audit and compliance services 

Got a question? 

Feel free to contact us using the email form to the right, or on the contact details below. 
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