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Cultural Training  Personalised training programmes designed to develop the intercultural competence of assignees and their families to live and work successfully in their new host country. 

Business Case 

International assignees are expected to make an immediate and positive impact in their new host country. Failure to perform as expected or an early return home may not only cause a huge financial and reputational cost to the organisation, but also damage relationships with a wide range of stakeholders. 

What it is 

Intercultural training raises awareness of the key cultural issues that impact both the professional and personal life of an assignee and their family. It provides them with new skills, strategies and knowledge to help them overcome culture shock, build effective relationships and adapt to their new working and social environment 

Scope of Services 

Background, regional situation, historical overview, current issues in destination country 
Key cultural values of destination country 
Comparative cultural profile (individual and of destination country) 
Customs, traditions and social etiquette in destination country 
Working and communicating with people from the destination country 
Communication styles 
Practical skills and knowledge for living in the destination country 
Culture and culture shock 
Individual intercultural development plan 
Follow up consolidation and ongoing development coaching 

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