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Cultural Training 

No matter how great your employee is at their job, in order to be confident and effective in their new role they need to feel confident in their understanding of the culture they've moved into. Our personalised training programmes provide a platform for in-depth analysis and discussion on all issues of concern to employees and their families facing the challenge of adapting to life in a new location. Our Cultural Training sessions are aimed at settling employees and their families into their new surroundings comfortably and with ease. 

Thinking like a local. 

Adapting to life in a new or unfamiliar location following an international relocation can take some time, so we provide your employee and their family with the necessary skills to adapt to their new location and start thinking like a local to lessen this impact. 
You have the option to deliver the training face-to-face or online, individually or as a group, and in the home or host location. 

Making it work. 

Our team will ultimately help your employees assimilate quickly and work more productively with their colleagues, giving them an understanding of the current cultural, social, economic and political issues of the new location. 
This service will help to avoid the potential impact of a lack of cross-cultural understanding which can influence the success of an employee's move and their effectiveness at work. 

How it works, at a glanceā€¦ 

We begin with an introduction to living in the destination country 
We provide historical, political and economic background, to give their living experience context 
We supply information and advice on culture shock, paying particular attention to the things they will find most different from their home country 
The course also covers practical skills and knowledge for living in host location  
For the employee, we look at strategies and tools to succeed on assignment 
To help them make the most of their training, each trainee is given an individual intercultural development plan 
This process can be done face-to-face or online, individually or as a group, and in the home or host location. 

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