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Employee Relocation Support | Area Orientation Day

Area Orientation 

The area you live in can be as important as the home itself and landing in a great neighbourhood can go a long way to helping settle into your new country. An Area Orientation (sometimes referred to as a Preview Trip) is an important element of any relocation, allowing employees to take a look at some of the different districts on offer to them and choose the ones that best fit their lifestyle to be the focus of their home search. 
Relocation Support | Employee Area Orientation

Knowing their history... 

We start by getting to know your employee and their family during a briefing call. We'll explore where they live now, what they like or don't like about their current setting and tease out what their probable requirements would be from their new location. 
The knowledgeable and experienced consultant will then meet with your employee face-to-face, and spend time with them to introduce them to the new location and help them to decide which area will suit them best. Our aim is to ensure that your employee finds an area where they will feel most at home, allowing them to quickly integrate into their new role.  
Relocation Support | Employee Preview Trip

...to better plan their future. 

During the Area Orientation, we help your employee discover different types of property available in different locations and at different budgets. Not only does this help your employee to understand the different locations in relation to the office and local facilities, but it means that the home search can be focussed on the specific areas your employee would like to live in. 
During the course of the Area Orientation, we are also able to pass on valuable local knowledge and, if required, details of schools, local facilities, places of worship, gyms, supermarkets etc. The Area Orientation can be provided to help your employee with their decision to relocate, or as part of the familiarisation process once they have arrived. 
Relocation Support | Preview Trip

How it works, at a glance… 

The employee's dedicated Account Manager conducts a briefing call with the employee (and HR if required), after which they will provide our ‘Introduction to the UK Guide' 
Before the area orientation day, we introduce the employee to our Area Specialist and provide an itinerary the day before the tour 
On the day, the area specialist collects the employee (and their family, if they are joining) from their hotel or office. They stay with them all day, providing expert information on property, amenities and area characteristics. 
Once the day is done, the area specialist drops them back off to their hotel or office, so they never have to worry about getting anywhere alone in a strange place. 
Finally, their dedicated Account Manager will follow up with the employee on the next steps for the relocation. 

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