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Employee Relocation | Family Education Support

Education Support 

For employees with children, a successful relocation is much more than just finding a new home. Finding the right school for each individual child to thrive, is often the top priority during their relocation. 
Our team of experts have designed a best in class educational assistance programme to help your employee’s family to find the right educational and childcare provisions for their children. From nursery and childcare providers, to schools for all ages, or further education options at age 16+, we make sure we cover all the bases so that your employee and their family feel happy and completely supported during their transition to a new educational setting. 
Employee Family Relocation | Education Support

Doing our homework. 

We begin the process with an initial consultation call, where our Client Account Manager will introduce the Education Specialist. This expert will then be able to familiarise themselves with your employee's current situation and requirements, share detailed knowledge of educational and childcare options available to them and help them navigate the UK education system. 
Once a target area has been identified, our Education Specialist will research the many options available, speaking directly with Local Authorities, schools or nurseries and admission representatives to establish placement availability or waiting times, as well as discussing the registration and application processes. They will also look at Ofsted reports and other reputable sources of information on each establishment. Our Education Specialist can add real value, as gathering details from the relevant education settings can be extremely time-consuming. 
Employee Family Relocation | School finding

Reports and inspections. 

An unbiased report is presented to your employee of our full findings, to enable your employee to shortlist their preferred schools. Once a shortlist has been established, our Education Specialist will book appointments for your employee and their children to visit the schools or nurseries, often providing an opportunity to meet with the Head Teacher or the Admissions representative. We aim to book the visits to coincide with the Orientation or Home Search, to enable your employee to develop an overall impression of their new location. 
Our Education Specialist will be on hand throughout to answer any questions your employee may have, and upon completion of the visits, our Education Specialist will help to liaise with the selected school/s or Local Authorities regarding the registration and application process. 
Employee Family Relocation | School Finding Service

How it works, at a glance… 

We begin with an initial fact finding and consultation call to create a brief of what is required to make the employee and their children happy. 
A full overview of the education system and childcare options in the UK is provided. 
Detailed research is conducted into schools and/or childcare providers within the new location and a child-specific report on possible options is provided 
We then arrange appointments for the employee to visit the preferred education settings 
We assist with admissions procedures, registration and application processes 
We provide regular communication between all parties, so everyone is kept in the loop and the process is kept moving forward 

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