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Policy Consultancy 

Business Case 

Having a structured policy and approach to global mobility not only helps to ensure consistency between relocations, but also provides transparency to your employees, more accurate budgeting and results in increased levels of compliance. Our policy consulting service provides you with a range of mobility solutions and advice that is not only operationally effective, but incorporates tax and legal perspectives to ensure your programme remains fully compliant. 

What it is 

We work with an established firm of highly experienced global mobility consultants to bring you strategic, operationally effective and compliant solutions. Working as a team we would help you to define the scope of support you require, from multiple perspectives and deliver the agreed solutions on a fixed fee basis. 

Scope of Services 

In depth “needs analysis” of employee mobility requirements 
First-time creation of a global mobility policy and documentation 
Policy and programme reviews 
Tracking short term business visitors 
Ad hoc tax and social security advice 
Tax briefings and tax return support 
Modified payroll management 
Employment law advice 
International share scheme advice 
Compensation and benefits planning 
Immigration advice 

What our clients say 

We are a one-stop-shop for multi-disciplinary global mobility advice 
We are very responsive, functional experts with high integrity 
We deliver commercially minded, high quality, client-focused advice 
We enjoyed working with such a professional firm and people 

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