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RSS Values 

Our Promise To You 
Relocation Supprot Services has supported companies and individuals with their relocations for over 20 years. A lot of our success and longevity is a result of the RSS values that are evident in everything we do: 
The ability to understand, be aware and take on board others’ perspectives, points of view and experiences as well as being sensitive to the diversity in nature. Having a deep appreciation for another’s situation and able to recognise and manage one’s own emotions in a non-detrimental effect to those of others. 
Builds and fosters trust and respect amongst colleagues that work in a collaborative and co-operative way across departments to ensure sharing of job-related knowledge and effective team performance. Acts as a good company ambassador and champions good team atmosphere. Able to work across boundaries and overcome obstacles. 
Able to evaluate, select and act on various methods and techniques for solving a wide variety of problems and meeting objectives before being required to do so. The ability to anticipate and prepare for potential problems in advance which result in minimal risk to the company. 
The capability and attitude to do an excellent job and take pride in the quality of output. Understanding what top performance looks like in oneself and across the business as well as the drive to continuously improve. Pride in setting and exceeding targets. Achievement and success orientated and promotes high standards across the company and all services. 
We work in an adaptable and flexible manner to ensure high standards during times of uncertainty and changing circumstance. Able to respond positively, quickly and successfully to unexpected business demands and adapt own approach. 
Expected by others internally and externally to maintain confidentiality and relied upon to share information that is complete and accurate. Gaining the trust of others by taking responsibility for own actions and following through on promises and commitments. We create a culture of trust among our team and our customers. 
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