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The American Family 

The Brief: 
A senior-level executive was moving to London from the US with his partner, teenage son, and two dogs. Their son was to continue education within the American system in England. Additionally, the client's office was relocating after his move from London to Middlesex so the home needed to be convenient for both the original and subsequent business locations, as well as close to a suitable school. 
Our first step: 
A Client Account Manager contacted the family to discuss options, timings, budgets, and preferences, gave them log in details to complete our Needs Assessment online, and advised them of their Relocation Consultant’s details. The Client Account Manager was able to provide them with the necessary contacts and applications to open a Bank Account in the UK. 
Once the Needs Assessment was complete the Relocation Consultant analysed this and contacted a number of international schools to find out if places were available for the Summer Term. She then telephoned the family with suggestions of areas that could work well with travel to these schools and commutes to both Central London and Middlesex. She emailed them some sample properties to give them an idea of styles and budgets. 
The next step: 
On the employee’s next business trip the Relocation Consultant had arranged an Orientation Tour. They visited two preferred schools in Surrey and associated housing areas, viewed a number of sample properties - as well as stopping for lunch at a Golf Club, where the employee completed the application forms! 
Returning the next day to the US, with school application forms and property details, the employee was confident that his assignment could work and his family would be happy with the areas and schools. His commute into London from Surrey was acceptable and this area would also work once his office had relocated. 
Making the final choice: 
Once back in the US, the Client Account Manager and Relocation Consultant maintained contact with the employee, answering any questions as they arose. The Client Account Manager arranged for two removal companies in the US to visit the employee’s property and to provide quotes for the sea and air shipment to the UK. 
Six weeks before the move, the family arrived from the US to visit the preferred school for interviews and choose a property. The Relocation Consultant had been working hard to find properties to view that were within budget, close to the school and railway station as well as having a pet-friendly landlord! Contacting property agents, she had put together an itinerary of 8 properties that met the criteria. She collected the family that morning from their hotel, and returned them there that evening, with a shortlist of two favourite properties. 
The next day the family revisited their two favourite properties and made their final choice. We were then able to negotiate with the property agent a monthly rental that was acceptable to both the landlord and employee, and agree on deposits and length of agreement. 
With the family back in the USA, we picked up the administrative side of the relocation, liaising with the family and advising on the legalities and procedures of the tenancy agreement. The Relocation Consultant also attended the inventory check in, took meter readings and arranged for the utilities to be transferred into the employee’s name. 
Welcome home: 
Arriving to a comfortable new home is so important. With the family’s furniture now in transit the Relocation Consultant arranged for temporary rental furniture to be delivered to the house in anticipation of their arrival. 
When the family arrived, she was there to greet them and hand over the keys to a furnished house - complete with a well-stocked kitchen and all the beds made. 
A week later, with the employee now settled in his new role and the teenage son happy at his new school, the Relocation Consultant then spent half a day with the employee’s partner. They did a local orientation and finally visited the Doctor’s Surgery and completed the registration formalities. During the next few weeks the family were able to contact the Client Account Manager and the Relocation Consultant if they had any questions, or problems with their property. 

The Last Minute Request 

The Brief: 
We received an urgent request from a client’s HR Manager – the lease on a Senior International Executive’s property in Hampshire was ending in 10 days time. He was going home to South Africa for a vacation with his family then returning to the UK to start a new project in Canary Wharf. His family would be staying in South Africa. Could we help? 
Our first step: 
We were on the case immediately. One of our Client Account Managers contacted a preferred removal company to check availability. The removal company visited the next day and discussed with the employee what furniture was to be shipped to South Africa for the family, and what was to go into UK storage for his new property in Canary Wharf. With this agreed they provided us with a quote later that same day, which was approved by the HR Manager, and packing was agreed for later that week. 
The employee completed our Needs Assessment online for his new property and was contacted by one of our Relocation Consultants to discuss options and budgets. Two days later the Relocation Consultant met with the employee at Canary Wharf. They viewed a number of suitable apartments that the consultant had sourced within the budget. With a firm favourite chosen he left for the airport and the Relocation Consultant put in an offer with the letting agent. 
The inventory check out at the former property had not been arranged, and with the HR Manager anxious for the return of the substantial deposit held by the landlord, we arranged with the letting agent for one of our Departures Coordinators to attend on their behalf. We compared the check out report on that day to the report prepared at the start of the tenancy, to ensure that any claims were limited to damages caused during the tenancy and were not in place at start of tenancy. Water, gas and electricity meter readings were also taken and the utility companies advised of the final readings. 
Behind the Scenes: 
With the employee enjoying his vacation in South Africa, we coordinated the agreed rental price with the HR Manager and ensured that a Letter of Guarantee was negotiated into the contract, negating the need for a large deposit. Two days before he returned to the UK we attended the inventory check in on behalf of the company, meter readings were taken, and we oversaw the delivery of the furniture from storage. With the majority of the deposit returned on the original property and a smart new property waiting for the employee after his holiday, both the HR Department and the employee were happy. 

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