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COVID-19 - Update and Status 

Current government guidelines and restrictions in the UK 

Daily Summary 
For an overview fo the status in the UK, check the Government’s daily summary page for an update on the vaccine roll out, and number of cases: https://coronavirus.data.gov.uk/ 
Vaccine Rollout 
The vaccine rollout is proceeding successfully. 
It is being rolled out in groups - currently, it is being done by age bracket, with those over that age able to book in for a vaccination. 
The vaccine is available to all in the UK, regardless of immigration status. 
Rules and Roadmap in England 
The government has outlined a 4-step roadmap easing the restrictions in place. 
From 17th May, England is currently in stage 3. 
The final stage 4 easing of restrictions is expected to happen on 21st June. 
From 17th May, many restrictions on social gatherings have been relaxed. There remain different rules when socialising inside and outside: 
Outdoors: groups of up to 30 can meet 
Indoors: ‘rule of 6’ applies - up to 6 people can meet inside. This includes inside homes, and in venues like bars and restaurants. 
Advice is that all employees should work from home where possible, though employees are allowed to leave their homes to travel for work reasons where it is not possible for them to work from home. 
Most businesses open to the public have been allowed to re-open. This includes indoor hospitality such as pubs and restaurants. 
All schools are open for face-to-face teaching during term time. 
Property and relocation support 
The property market remains open and moving home is allowed to continue. 
Guidance is in place to ensure social distancing is maintained. 
Relocation services can continue to be delivered, following COVID guidance to ensure all parties are kept safe. 
For full details on how the restrictions affect service delivery, check our page here 
Arriving in the UK 
From March 17th a traffic light system is in place, with countries assigned to green, amber, or red list. There are different requirements on arrival for each list. 
Red list countries are the most restricted, and travel is only allowed to those with residency rights in the UK. Arrivals from red list countries must book into and pay for a quarantine hotel for 10 days. Mandatory covid tests are required on day 2 and day 8 after arrival. 
Amber list countries require arrivals to quarantine for 10 days on arrival in England. This can be at a place of your choosing, but you cannot leave the property for this time. Mandatory COVID tests are required on day 2 and day 8 after arrival. It is possible to shorten this quarantine if you take part in ‘test to release’, and take a further COVID test on day 5. 
Green list countries are the least restricted, with no requirement to quarantine on arrival. A mandatory COVID test is required on day 2. 
In all cases, a negative COVID test is required before traveling to the UK. 
These lists are subject to change and are reviewed by the government. Full details of which countries are on which lists, and the requirements for each, can be found here: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/red-amber-and-green-list-rules-for-entering-england 
There are different guidelines when arriving in Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland
For up to date government advice and guidelines around COVID-19 
For health advice around COVID-19 

Status of service delivery: 

The property market remains open and property related activities can continue to operate as usual. 
All services can be delivered, albeit with some alternative arrangements in place or adjustments to the ‘normal’ way of service delivery. 
School applications may be disrupted. School viewings are not possible. 
For full details of how services are affected and what Relocation Support Services are doing in response to the guidelines, please see here. 
Full details about current service disruptions 

Keeping our staff and clients safe 

RSS are constantly updating our practices in line with guidance issued by the government to ensure we are keeping all of our clients and our staff safe.  
What we are currently doing to keep our staff and our clients safe: 
No shared transport. RSS consultants will travel separately to our clients and assignees in line with government guidance. 
All RSS staff that meet with clients are to abide by social distancing at all times. This means keeping 2 meter distance. 
Masks will be worn and hand sanitiser made available. 
When entering properties, proper hygiene will be maintained by washing hands often, and using hand sanitiser. 

How Relocation Support Services can help 

We’ve broadened our services to help our clients as much as possible during these times. Please contact us to discuss how we can support or see below some of the services we can provide to help ease the 


Keeping clients safe: Where it is not possible for clients to physically view properties themselves, or where their preference is not to physically view a property, RSS can 'virtually' view properties on behalf of our clients 
Live video tours, or recorded video viewings can be provided to clients allowing them to make a selection without physically being present 
Ideal for those having to self-isolate or shield and are unable to attend property viewings themselves 


Removal services are now possible and we can fully assist in making arrangements for our clients 
We can arrange virtual surveys in order to provide a quotation in instances where our client cannot physically attend 
All our removals partners have extremely strict compliance measures to meet Government guidance 


Where clients are required to isolate on entering the UK, RSS can provide high quality temporary accommodation 
RSS can provide transportation from the airport or train station to the accommodation in line with government guidance that this is pre-arranged 


RSS can support in providing and delivering shopping for you if you have to self-isolate 
This could be assistance with setting up online accounts or collection/delivery of food to the property 
This also applies to collection and delivery of medication and prescriptions where needed 


RSS can handle negotiations to extend a tenancy in situations where employees have to stay longer in their property than they were expecting 
Take advantage of low inflation rates by negotiating rent reductions 
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