+44 (0) 1628 631111 


"You have been amazing!" 

We are really happy that it has worked out so well for both sides. The service level you have delivered is exactly what we were/are looking for with our future Relocation provider. SH 
Thanks for all your help with this Mark - you have been amazing! 
- BT 

"Excellent support and exemplary attitude" 

Thank you for your email and may we sincerely thank you again for your excellent support and exemplary attitude with all the things during our move. I really appreciated having your advice on the settling-in issues, even when they were out of RSS scope. 
- TM 

"Seamless and painless" 

Please do not underestimate my gratitude to both of you for all of your helpfulness and professionalism throughout this process. There were times when I wanted to pull my hair out dealing with some people but the two of you were nothing but helpful and responsive in every way imaginable. The flexibility and attentiveness to detail you both showed - as well as urgency at times when urgency was required - is unquestionably the reason that my transition was so seamless and painless. It has truly been my pleasure to have the two of you work on my behalf with all of the other parties and resources involved, and even at times when I might not have been fully responsive myself, please know that my mind was always at ease having had the two of you to deal with. 
For all of the reasons above - seriously - thank you so much for time, for your energy, for your effort, and for actually making me feel as though you were personally invested in my well being. I dont know how long I will be over here in the UK, but eventually will be sent elsewhere, and I can only hope that I am able to work with the two of you through that process as well. 
Thank you again for everything, and if you ever make it up to the Newcastle area - the first beer is one me. 
- JS 

"Continuous support" 

Thanks for this last notice. In addition, thank you very much for all the continuous support that you have gave us during these stressful months. 
Now we are happily settled in our home and I am absolutely sure that without your help it would have been much harder if not impossible. It's been hundreds of emails that you have managed (not even one without a response!). I can say that your service has been really good. 
I wish you the best in the future! 
Thanks again & Kind regards. 
- EP 

"Outstanding support" 

Just wanted to already thank you for your outstanding support - it was just excellent. Thanks a lot. 
- LP 

"Helpful and fun" 

Thanks so much for the orientation tour yesterday. It was super helpful and fun! 
- CM 

"Relocation dream team" 

Susan and I want to thank all of you – the “relocation dream team” for finding us a wonderful location, and smoothing our transition to beautiful London. 
- NW 

"A pleasure working with you" 

Thank you so much for all your help and guidance, it has been invaluable and played a big part on us feeling at home now. 
It has been our pleasure working with you and we would not hesitate a second to recommend your services to others. 
- SB 

"Far quicker and easier" 

Thank you very much for your help and support during these settling in moments. We haven’t expected them to be like that but despite everything we are having a really nice time here and grand part of that is because of you. 
Thanks again for all your help, the whole process has been far quicker and easier than it would have been without your support! 
- CB 

"Very attentive and helpful" 

I am so happy. I am very thankful because you have been very attentive and helpful and everything was arranged in short notice. 
- DK 


Thanks a lot, your support during this process has been outstanding. 
- SB 

"Supported and understood" 

I am totally satisfied with what we have achieved together, I felt supported and understood. Thank you. It is also reassuring to know that I can still reach you in case of need. Thank you, again! 
- DM 


My god you're quick, I wish everyone I've dealt with since this move started had been as efficient as you. 
- NG 

"Very satisfying" 

Thank you very much for following up on that. The fact that you even pushed for this and succeeding, is very satisfying, not to mention managing to get a reward. 
- VJ 

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