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Corporate Social Responsibility 

At Relocation Support Services we are committed to our social responsibilities and continue to explore ways we can work with, and support the community we work within. 

The Environment 

Our corporate social responsibility commitments extend to the ways we work within our office, with a constant evaluation of our suppliers and working practices to make sure our environmental impact is minimal. 
We maintain a culture within our office to ‘print rarely’, meaning waste paper is kept to a minimum. Year-on-year we have reduced our paper usage as we implement IT solutions to allow paperless working in more and more aspects of the office workflow. 
In addition, we closely monitor our recycling streams to make sure we are dealing with any waste efficiently. 
Our environment policy also dictates the hardware used within our offices, with an emphasis on energy efficient low power equipment solutions, with the whole office having moved to energy efficient hardware at each workstation in 2009. 

Charity Work 

Each year our team across Relocation Support Services look to work closely with a local charitable organisation, and through time given by our employees, or through fund raising events organised by Relocation Support Services, we provide support and funding. All employees are encouraged to participate in our relationship with the charities we work with, with an aim that 30% of employees will devote time within any year to working with the charity. 
The culture fostered within Relocation Support Services sees that a full calendar of fund raising opportunities is always in place, with our staff genuinely enjoying contributing to the charity and community as a whole. 
To find out about our recent fund raising and the charity we are supporting click here. 
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