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Departure Services 

We understand that the departure process can often be daunting to an employee. There are many elements to consider, reaching far beyond ending the tenancy agreement. Our team of Departure Specialists can help to support your employee so they can move on, either internationally or domestically, safe in the knowledge that their departure is being handled efficiently and effectively. 
Relocation Support | Tenancy termination
The RSS Departure Specialist will make contact with your employee to arrange an initial call enabling us to gain an understanding of your employee’s plans and requirements. 
During the call we will discuss the details of the tenancy agreement and the clauses that are relevant to bring the agreement to an end on your employes preferred date, and talk through any specific areas which might require repair or maintenance before the end of the tenancy. 
Our experienced Departure Specialists are able to direct your employee towards specialist contractors that they may need for any works required to ensure a swift deposit return. We can also support with the collection of any rental furniture and provide advice on re-directing any post. 
The RSS Departure Specialists can serve notice to end the agreement to the landlord, or their agent, in line with the terms of the lease agreement. It is extremely important that the notice is served in accordance with the terms of the tenancy agreement. 
Relocation Support | Check Out Services
The process of the formal Check Out will also be explained during our initial conversation with your employee. RSS will send a representative to the Check Out to represent your employee's best interests. 
Once the Check Out has been completed, the RSS Departure Specialist will submit the final meter readings to the utility providers, and notify the Local Council Authority to request final bills are issued. 
The next step is to oversee the return of the deposit, and this is where the RSS Departure Specialists are able to use their expertise in negotiating any claim that the Landlord may wish to make, especially if your employee has already left the UK. The dilapidation claim is a challenging and time-consuming element of the departure, and there is often a large financial sum involved. Our team will use their experience of UK tenancy law to guide the process. We will work tirelessly and firmly with landlords and agents, to achieve the best results possible, and can provide significant cost savings to your employee and your organisation. 
Relocation Support | deposit return

How it works, at a glance… 

RSS Departure Specialist to conduct an initial call with the employee (and HR if required) 
Agree the preferred tenancy end date 
Serve notice to bring the tenancy to an end, to the landlord or their Agent 
Arrange a Pre Check Out face-to-face visit at the property (optional) 
Support with arranging cleaners and/or maintenance contractors 
Arrange the formal Check Out 
Close down utility accounts, including Council Tax 
Negotiate the dilapidation claim and subsequent deposit return 

Other services we offer 

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