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In March 2021 news broke of an unusual situation that was developing in the Suez Canal. As the cargo ship known as Ever Given was sailing through the Suez Canal, past Egypt it somehow got stuck and stayed stuck for a whole week
Thankfully, on Monday 30th March, the 1,300ft vessel was freed from its watery prison and was able to set sail and continue onward to its destination. 
Due to the mishap, there has been a backlog of ships waiting to transit through, but the damage has already been done as ocean freight supply chains will be disrupted for weeks or even months. 
Ports all over Europe are likely to be backed up and are facing late deliveries, which may affect the removals industry that we have a close relationship with. 
It occurred to us that newcomers to the UK that are having their belongings shipped over from their previous location may end up having to wait a while to receive the cargo, and this could be very inconvenient, so we would like to suggest ways that may help you to remain optimistic while you wait for the delivery. 
If you are expecting a delivery that contains your furniture and goods from home, you can rent furniture temporarily to make the wait a little more comfortable. You can contact us, and we’ll be happy to direct you to trusted suppliers that offer this service. 
Some new arrivals will stay in temporary accommodation until their goods arrive, if this is the case and you'd like to extend your stay, then we can help with that too.  
We can also help you with your own logistical needs, by pointing you in the direction of car leasing companies that will allow you to rent an automobile until yours arrives if it has been delayed by the canal catastrophe over in the Middle East. 
If you have been affected by the delays, are new to the country and need some advice, please do not hesitate to get in touch by contacting info@relocationsupport.co.uk 
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