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Whether you're on assignment, supporting someone who is, or relocating during the Christmas period; we've got you covered  
This is a guide to help clients and connections succeed with their relocation efforts at the most difficult time of the year. 
RSS stay open throughout the festive break and work very hard to make sure Christmas and New Year does not interfere with your employee's relocations. 
We’ve shared a few of our top tips to make sure your assignments are managed and organised properly over the festive period. 

Closin' down for Christmas 

In the past, we’ve found that letting agents generally start to wind down around 18th December. Between then and the new year the level of service you get is very limited. 
This means that arranging viewings or orientation days is very difficult between 18th December and early January. 
If you have staff coming to join in January, you should get all of your home finding, viewings, and area orientations finished by the second week of December! 

New Year, New Place 

Arriving in a new country during the festive period can be unsettling and lonely for anyone. Make sure your employee is booked in for settling services that keep them occupied over Christmas. 
RSS stays open and will always be on the end of the phone to help by providing information related to; opening hours, technology problems, accessing medical care, or telling you where you can get your dress dry cleaned before the Christmas party! 

Keep it Specific 

Remember to make sure your relocation company is able to provide bespoke advice to the area the employee is moving for the festive season. 
Not just a generic brochure which may not include specific information that they’ll need over the Christmas/New Year period (public transport for example). 
An employee with a family will need different suggestions of activities to someone that is moving alone. 

Preventative Policies 

It is good practice to check if there are any issues to reduce the risk of a panicked phone call on Christmas morning! 
Cleaning companies and companies that provide check-out services will be very busy and appointments will not be easy to come by. 
Ending the tenancy the first or second week in January means the necessary steps to close a tenancy can be scheduled in properly, allowing time for RSS to work with the tenant fulfil their obligations and hand the property back to the landlord in the proper way and minimise any difficulties with the deposit return. 
Many companies close down over Christmas, and don't open again until the New Year... unlike RSS! 

You Can Never be Too Prepared 

Most tasks required when moving out tend to fall on a working day, which can be difficult over Christmas. 
After the tenant moves out; cleaning must be completed as well as removals collected. 
These must be done before the check-out takes place. There are limited working days for each task, so scheduling should be done well in advance. 

Make Sure Your Property Doesn't Catch a Cold 

It’s also important to mention that the UK is very cold during this period! 
You should remember that any properties that are left vacant should be prepared accordingly. Keep the heating at a low temperature to avoid any pipes freezing. 
Check them regularly to ensure there is no damage. 
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