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Let's have a look at 5 shocking #ventyourrent scenarios 
In April 2016 we saw the conception of the #ventyourrent campaign. This allowed tenants to publicly vent their frustrations, poor living situations and exponential costs forced upon them by their landlords or letting agents. 
Let's have a look at Five shocking scenarios and let you know where we could have helped you avoid it, or at least minimize the risks involved.  
1. Ten People. No Fridge. 
Relocation Support Service's agents will accompany you to viewings and ensure that you are getting everything you pay for. We also have a settling-in service, that makes sure you are happy in your new home. If you need to chase the landlord or letting agent to locate missing white goods, or the top of your cardboard box, we can do that for you, so you can get back to settling-in!  
2. The Woman Who Breathed Too Much 
Our independent inventory clerks will visit the property, as well as the landlord's own inventory clerk, to look out for signs of damp and mould. They will then encourage and chase the landlord to ensure this is dealt with before you move in.  
3. Unwanted Housemates 
If you should encounter pests in your property, the landlord or letting agent may try to place the blame on you. We can contact whomever is managing the property and encourage them to solve the issue, taking the pressure off of you.  
4. Un-familia Surroundings 
Our Account Managers keep in close contact with whomever is managing your new property, to ensure you do not encounter any problems along the way and that everything is ready, before you move in.  
5. The Last Peg 
Our departure service agents are responsible for investigating any disputed fees relating to your deposit, when you move out.  
Some landlords may charge you extra for things that are not relevant. We make sure this doesn't happen, and you get back as much as possible. 
They're not all bad, by the way! 
Of course, many landlords and letting agents are trustworthy and helpful, but there are some bad eggs out there.  
We only work with trusted landlords and letting agents that we have built solid relationships with, over years of successful partnerships.  
While we cannot perform personality transplants, Relocation Support Services can make sure that you do not have to endure the stress and worry of solving these problems in a new country, all on your own. 
We do it all for you, which means you can go back to enjoying your new surroundings! 
That way, instead of writing on your cardboard, you can use it for more important things... 
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