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We take a look at 10 apps that are very useful for expats. 
Moving to another country involves a lot of hidden obstacles that you may not think of before you make the move. Luckily, we live in an advanced technological age where any advice and help is available at your fingertips!  
To help you along, we have chosen ten apps that will help you when you’re a little bit stuck! 
The first, and potentially most obvious app you’ll need to have is Uber. Particularly if you are living in London. Uber is a mobile taxi service where you can order a taxi buy the press of a few buttons and follow the progress of your driver and their journey to you. In London, you are never more than 5 minutes away from your nearest driver. 
Google Translate 
Google translate is great with languages. This app has more than 100 languages stored and boasts of 500 million daily users. So you really shouldn’t have any problems translating the lunch menu at your favourite new restaurant! As well as this it can translate images, speech, and even real-time video (in 37 languages). This is a fantastic example of technology solving a common problem. 
This is the go-to app for any overground train service. You can choose your departing station and where you’d like to arrive and keep track of the train with real-time updates. You can also get special discounts on tickets and buy your tickets online (days in advance). Another feature is to choose the route you’d like to take and to avoid any routes you do not wish to venture. 
Our bespoke settling in packs will help you find your nearest doctor, hospital, and dentist. But if you or your company didn’t use our service; you’re on your own! Not with Doctoralia, which is a healthcare app that allows you to search for health professionals by name, postcode, or city. It is available in seven different languages and in 14 countries. 
Google Maps 
Even in my hometown, I’d be lost without Google maps! This amazingly accurate and user-friendly map service can take you to your destination via any route you like, and by any kind of transport. You can follow your steps or your drive in real-time and make sure you don’t miss a turning! 
A great social app which gives you the chance to make new friends in your local area. There are thousands of meetups all over the world and a lot of groups for expats. You can find a meet up for pretty much anything from French-speaking expats in North London to Lego dating… yes, Lego dating. 
Going out for a nice dinner is tricky in a new city. How do you know where is good? How do you know where to find the meals that’ll make you feel at home? OpenTable allows you to scroll through all the different restaurants, the types of cuisine and allows you to reserve a table. You can also search by price range and save up your OpenTable reward points for discounts in the future! 
So you’ve used Trainline and seen that all the trains are cancelled, or late – what do you do? Moovit can guide you through your journey, from A to B, using real-time public transport updates for buses, trains (including London underground) and trams. It works in 2,500 cities… so far - It adds a new city every 15 hours! 
You can get by with Google Translate. But do you want to be able to translate without the using it? Get started with Duolingo; a free language app that lets you study and learn a language at your own pace. Currently, it offers 81 different courses in 37 different languages. 
Revolut is not just an app. But if you move, or travel, you should know about it! It’s an online bank which allows you to spend in any country without paying any fees. In fact, you can withdraw up to £500 cash in a different country and pay no fees at all! This is for people who are relocating but don’t particularly see themselves being in their new location. Foreign exchange fees and waiting for appointments at your bank are a thing of the past! 
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