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Spousal Assistance  Through a carefully selected, dedicated partner RSS can offer our clients, their assignees and spouses complete support before, during and after their international assignment. The ability of an assignee to work productively once relocated is strongly linked to how the accompanying spouse copes with the disruption to their own life. By enabling the spouse to make the most of their own time, we help to make your assignee’s relocation more successful. 

Business Case 

Many assignees’ spouses have careers of their own and want to continue working during an international relocation. We will assist the assignee’s spouse to obtain work, where permitted, in the new location. This may be anything from charitable work to assisting with finding suitable employment in the spouse’s specialist field.  

What it is 

This programme provides the assignee’s spouse with the resources to successfully address the local job market using a “pick and mix” approach. It is the perfect investment for people who are eager to further develop their talents by helping them master the essential challenges and decipher the difference of the job market in the new host country. 

Scope of Services 

Review of CV and cover letter 
CV preparation 
Job search, networking and interview training 
Self-employment support 
Inter-cultural training 
Career Continuation Coaching 
Social Integration Coaching 
Repatriation Programme 
Online Expat Community 

What our clients say 

The fact finding call to clarify expectations prior to any programme starting was extremely useful 
The support was tailor made to the individual’s circumstances 
Enhances relocation success 
Increases the level of assignee satisfaction 

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